SBS Librería sells a vast selection of books in nearly 20 languages — including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French — for children, teens, adults, educators and students.

The international chain of bookstores aims to promote communication between people of different cultures and support foreign language learners. Here in Argentina, the company stocks a large selection of cultural, educational and recreational reading materials.


At SBS Librería, readers will find:

  • Books for babies, children and teens in nearly 10 languages, including:
    • Board and picture books in Spanish and English
    • Novels for teens in Spanish, English, French and German
    • Activity books (with puzzles, stencils, coloring, quizzes, pop-up elements and more) in Spanish and English
    • Spanish comic books
  • Fiction and nonfiction books for adults in more than 15 languages
  • Textbooks, in more than 15 languages, on a wide range of academic subjects

SBS Librería operates an online store and 10 locations throughout the country, including 3 locations in CABA and 3 in the Buenos Aires province.

Through its website, the librería offers home delivery through Correo Argentino or in-store pickup.

Many of Its books can also be purchased on Mercado Libre with same-day or next-day shipping.

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