ANTÚ Librería de Familias is an online bookstore that specializes in books on childhood development and parenting.


For parents, the librería curates a selection of books on child development and childrearing, including:

  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Breastfeeding and childhood nutrition
  • Childhood development and early education
  • Respectful parenting
  • Feminism, diversity and inclusion

The shop also sells board and picture books for children, with topics like:

  • Family and relationships
  • Identity and emotions
  • Sexual education
  • Philosophy, art, music and science
Pro Tips

On top of being parents themselves, the shop's founders are child development specialists:

  • Sabrina Cavalotti is a pediatrician, puericultora y doula. She runs the Instagram account Hoy No Es Siempre. She's also a co-creator of Puericultoras en Red, a group of puericultoras offering affordable virtual consultations on lactation/breastfeeding and child-development.
  • Emanuel Melo Forquera is a trained guide in AYNI Educación Viva and a consultant in ergonomic baby wearing.
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