Meet Lil’ Porteños: A curated directory for Buenos Aires families

You sit down to play with your child, and there it is again. That little voice in the back of your head.

‘I still need to find this kid … [fresh toys … new shoes … a big kid bed … some virtual playmates].’ 

Whatever “it” is, your mind immediately starts racing.

‘Should I ask around first? Maybe a friend is ready to purge. Or wait, wasn’t that posted in the Facebook forum last week? No, that was an Instagram ad. But maybe I can find a better deal on MercadoLibre… ’ 

And just like that, you crawl away to grab your phone. One-on-one playtime is over and whining ensues.

Enough is Enough

I, a new mom living here in Buenos Aires, created the Lil’ Porteños directory to help makes it easier and faster for parents to find all the things they need to raise young children here in Buenos Aires. I scoured forums, Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps and city streets and beyond to put information on the most recommendable local resources for families in one place.

How It Works

Simply head to our Search page to explore local retailers offering high-quality children’s furniture, clothes and toys; health-minded grocery delivery services and enriching virtual activities. 

And that’s just the beginning. We’ll be adding new categories and listings daily.

Stay In Touch

It takes a village to raise Lil’ Porteños. Shoot us an email at any time you’re struggling to find something specific for your family or have a local resource you’d like to share with the community.

You can also join us here on the blog to discuss all things parenting in BA and hang out with me on Instagram, my second favorite place on the internet 😉

Happy searching finding!


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