Piaf is a butcher shop and specialty grocer in Palermo Hollywood. Among expats, it's one of the most popular destinations for traditional Argentine cuts and exotic meats.

  • Beef, pork and chicken cuts
  • Frozen fish, like salmon, shrimp and calamari
  • Exotic meats, like turkey, wild boar, duck, deer and llama
  • Cheese and smoked bacon (panceta)
  • Wine, craft beer and craft sodas
  • Pantry staples, like spices, sauces, dried fruits and nuts, and grains

In addition to shopping in store, Piaf offers online ordering and home delivery.

Pro Tips

Ojo! Piaf is extremely popular among locals and expats alike. Arrive early and avoid visiting on the weekends for a shorter wait.

Felices Fiestas: Piaf is well known for supplying Thanksgiving turkeys. Contact the shop in advance to reserve a bird.

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