Movi Juegos workshops help children (ages 1-3) develop their gross motor skills and emotional intelligence in a fun and supportive environment.

Based in Villa Crespo, the program is run by two sisters who are both licensed educators.

Virtual Activities

Movi Juegos hosts virtual workshops on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The workshops emphasize freely moving, exploring and stimulating the senses. No special props are needed to participate.

Movi Juegos can also be hired to facilitate virtual birthday activities.

Follow on social media for details on upcoming classes.

In-Person Activities

In-person workshops are on hold during the coronavirus quarantine.

Before the quarantine, the workshops were held in Milar Espacio Activo.

Pro Tips

Before the coronavirus quarantine, Movi Juegos also rented out its didactic materials to families for special events.

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