Baby Paintings hosts art classes and free play sessions for babies and children up to age 9.

The program is based in Martinez, and also offers workshops in Nuñez, Palermo, Recoleta and Quilmes. [In-person classes are currently on hold for the quarantine.]

In-Person Activities

Following the principles of Montessori and Waldorf, babies and their guardians freely play with taste-safe homemade paints. Baby Painting hosted weekly classes in Martinez.

P.S. Don't speak much Spanish? No problem! Many of Baby Paintings facilitators and participants speak English as well.

Pro Tips
  • Online Store: Although classes are on hold, Baby Paintings runs an online store selling paint kits, decorations for children's bedrooms and toys.
  • Paint Kits: Each kit includes three pots of paint colors, three pots of play dough, watercolors and access to digital materials on the company's website. The kits also include coloring parents can use to make more paint themselves.
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