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Lil' Porteños

A curated business directory for Buenos Aires families

Where can I find ... ?

It’s one of the questions that crosses an expat’s mind most. And when that expat is a new or expecting parent — suddenly in need of everything from prenatal care to child-size furniture — it’s a nonstop battle.

Here at Lil’ Porteños, we handle the exhaustive research for you, so you can spend your time and energy on what truly matters.

Meet the Mom behind the Machine

Hola hola! I’m Brittany Hopkins, the creator of Lil’ Porteños.

First, the basics:

  • I’m from the US; born and raised in California
  • I’m an experienced journalist with a passion for fact finding and community building through storytelling
  • My husband, dog and I moved to Buenos Aires in 2017
  • Two years later, I gave birth to our daughter, Naomi, here in BA

My reason for building this site is also pretty basic: It can and should be easier to find all that you need to raise Lil’ Porteños.

I’m thrilled that you’ve found your way here, and I hope you’re finding the directory and blog useful. Please email me any time at lilporteñ[email protected] with ideas, suggestions and feedback on the site; businesses and activities you’d like to see added; topics you’d like to see discussed on the blog; or whatever else you have in mind.

You can also hang out with me on Instagram (@lilportenos) — my second favorite place on the internet.

Thanks again for dropping in and letting us be a part of your parenting experience.

Happy searching finding!